KWE-VT-ZS05 and KWE-VT-ZS06 Mobile Marking Machine

Mobile marking machine is the marking machine that can move it onto the work-piece for marking. It is suitable for large work-piece that can not be moved or work-piece that can not be placed on the standard marking machine and can also be grafted vertically.


Advantages of Mobile Marking Machine

  • Light weight and easy portability
  • Electromagnetic basement
  • Versatile and suits a wide range of applications
  • Superior marking on large and heavy parts
  • Deep and clear marking
  • Imported stepper motor offers stability
  • ISO9001:2008/CE approved

Difference between KWE-VT-ZS05 and KWE-VT-ZS06

These two are different at the marking area. KWE-VT-ZS05 has marking area 150mm x 50mm and KWE-VT-ZS06 has marking area 120mm x 40mm. It depends on the needs of customers how  marking area they want.

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