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Kulawat Engineering Co., Ltd.

We design and manufacture hydraulic press machine, parts and all type of mold according to customer requirements. Including we can fixed and produce hydraulic and pneumatic system. And we can install control box (PLC) at affordable price.

With over 30 years of experience that we design create and manufacture parts and machines that make company can manufacture Mini CNC, Making Machine for engraving and cutting works that suitable for a variety of materials such as wood, plastice PMMA, MDF plate, PVC, Acrylic, Metal and Iron and we also have impressive after-sales service. We have a fast preparation and reliable that make we earned the trust of many people, shops and companies that let's be the designer of hydraulic machinery and automatic machinery in all industries.

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We are pleased to offer advice on the design and manufacture of hydraulic presses, hydraulic machinery and all types of industrial machinery. And we sells standard LED lamps with good quality that certified by TIS.

Machine design services

We design all types of hydraulic and pneumatic systems, molds and parts according to customer requirements

Machine manufacture service

Hydraulic machine manufacturing services, including industrial machine parts and the machinery in the various types according to customer requirements.

Machinery sales

Selling of hydraulic machine, pneumatic machine, carving, cutting and automatic machine in all types of industry.

Machine repair service

Hydraulic machine repair services, that we can repair machinery for engraving, cutting and other machinery with a team of professional technicians.